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The strong development and the sustainable growth potential of the HCS Group are triggered by the ability of the group and its businesses to cover needs triggered by megatrends

There are four key megatrends in the industry that HCS Group focuses on: Urbanisation & Mobility; Knowledge & Information Society; Climate Change & Resource Scarcity; Demographic & Social Change. The megatrends are addressed by HCS Group by aligning efforts, searching for new opportunities and utilising synergies by representing five industry clusters.

HCS Group has built "Industry Clusters" under the lead of key Business Lines involved to strengthen the marketing approach and New Business Development per industry. The industry clusters bridge the gap from the megatrends to the portfolio of products offered by HCS Group. The industry clusters which HCS Group align to are: Automotive and Aviation, Exploration and Oil Services, Construction and Appliances, Life Sciences and Media and Electronics, which are supplied by the seven Business Lines of  HCS Group: Automotive Products, Middle Distillates, Oil & Gas Products, Pentanes, Performance Fuels, Performance Solvents and Speciality Aromatics.

The products from the different Business Lines are used in the same industries and markets, therefore it is essential to combine and develop the market intelligence by industries and markets and communicate them accordingly.